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Finale Outdoor Region
Finale Outdoor Region
10 - 12 May 2024
Welcome To Finale Outdoor Region

Finale Outdoor Region is arguably the most iconic enduro destination of them all. This famous region in the Italian Riviera is steeped in racing history, having hosted international mountain bike races for over a decade. Its vast network of trails in the mountains high above the Ligurian Sea continues to grow and has expanded beyond the town of Finale Ligure to also include neighbouring town Pietra. 


For more information, head to the Finale Outdoor Region website.


This year’s event will once again see the UCI Enduro World Cup hit these incredible trails, taking place in Finale Ligure with the event village returning to Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II. The world’s best will put themselves to the test on these notoriously technical trails. And it’s not just the pros who can get between the tapes - amateurs will have their own dedicated race, using the same trails, in the form of the Enduro of Finale Outdoor Region.


You can sign up to volunteer at the iconic Enduro of Finale Outdoor Region here.

Event Schedule

Time Name
09:00 - 17:00 Practice
08:30 - 17:30 RACE: UCI Enduro World Cup
08:30 - 17:30 Enduro of Finale Outdoor Region
08:30 - 17:30 RACE: UCI E-Enduro World Cup
08:30 - 17:30 E-Enduro of Finale

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