Loudenvielle - Peyragudes
Loudenvielle - Peyragudes
01 - 03 September 2023
Welcome To Loudenvielle - Peyragudes


Due to forecast electrical storms on Saturday afternoon the UCI, WBD Sports and the LOC have confirmed changes to the racing schedule in Loudenvielle. This safety decision has been made to ensure the welfare of the athletes, teams, marshals, volunteers, spectators, and everyone working at the event.

Please view the schedule below for updated changes.

Loudenvielle - Peyragudes is the main village in the Louron Valley, in the heart of the French Pyrenees. With its lake, summits, trails and ski resorts, this valley remains an exceptional outdoor playground for every season of the year. 

For the last six years, the mountain bike community has grown significantly, building trails in the wild countryside. With more than 500 km of trails, several downhill tracks, pump tracks and skills areas for kids, mountain biking is now a big part of the identity of the valley and secures Loudenvielle - Peyragudes position as the main riding spot in the French Pyrenees, that can be ridden all year round.

In 2023, the UCI Mountain Bike World Series brings the UCI Downhill World Cup and UCI Enduro World Cups to Loudenvielle-Peyragudes, as well as an exciting mountain bike festival with over 50,000 square meters of event village, including bike expo, shows, kids races and live music.

The downhill course is brand-new and looks to build on the success of France’s second golden age of downhill racing!


Don't just watch the action in Loudenvielle-Peyragudes, experience it for yourself! Amateur riders can get between the tapes at Loudenvielle-Peyragudes at the Enduro of Loudenvielle this September. Taking on the same trails as the UCI Enduro World Cup, competitors can enjoy these famous trails where history was made in 2022 when the last ever Enduro World Series champions were crowned.

Enter the Enduro of Loudenvielle - Peyragudes race (€105)

Entries for the Enduro of Loudenvielle - Peyragudes are now open! Click "here" to find out more.


Kids Races 

In addition to all the activities organised for children and families, three kids races will enable them to enjoy the competitive atmosphere of the event.

No less than three events will be launched this year including:

  • Draisienne challenges for all ages, cross the heart of the festival and the paddocks, under the amused gaze of visitors and even pro riders!

  • Cross-country race with a 2.5km course on the shores of Lake Genos-Loudenvielle. Mixing fun sections with flat stretches, it crosses the new mountain bike playground, much to the delight of our kids. Start and finish of the race will be in the heart of the Pyrénées Bike Festival, to be sure to feel the vibe!

  • For the Enduro kids race, come and challenge Alex Rudeau, COMMENCAL ENDURO PROJECT rider, in a Mass Start race! By category, the young riders will set off from the summit of Peyragudes. It will take a mix of endurance, technique, daring and madness to cross the finish line in Loudenvielle ahead of Alex Rudeau. 

Which rookie will beat our champion in this first edition?  

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This world-class event would be nothing without its volunteers. That's why we're pleased to invite you to join us. Whether you're a rider or not, joining our team is a real human adventure. You'll get to meet and exchange ideas with enthusiasts from different backgrounds and cultures, all united around cycling and partying, and while there are plenty of surprises in store for everyone, above all we can guarantee you'll have a great time!  

To join us, go HERE!


It's not just a competition, it's a real festival behind it, and we always have a good time at the various food trucks, entertainment and stands...that's really what makes this event so special.

Isabeau Courdurier, about the 2022 EWS final in Loudenvielle 

Enjoy a unique experience

Watch the downhill race at the best place on our grandstands in front of the large screen, or in the VIP room with a delicious local lunch.

Discover the place with one of the most famous local mountain bike guides with our sunset or day mountain bike tours.

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Non-UCI paddocks 

Are you a privateer, a  non UCI team or a National Team ? 

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