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Developing a UCI Downhill World Cup race bike from scratch

4 months ago

The Momentum Project are a new Canadian team setting out to take on their first season of UCI Downhill World Cup racing. Mark Wallace and Jon Mozell will be piloting their still-in-development We Are One Composites bike.

Starting a new team would of course be a huge undertaking but doing so around a Prototype race bike is even more daunting again. Wallace, for years Canada’s top Downhill pro, is charged with providing the feedback and attention to detail to make the We Are One Composites machine a winner. He’ll be joined by one of the standout talents from a junior men’s field filled with standout talents, Jon Mozell. The pair know each other well from years of riding on Vancouver Island together. The latter came second in Les Gets last season.

During the first episode of their new web series, The Momentum Project open their doors to a busy first team camp where Mark and Jon got to ride the sleek prototype for the very first time. 

The We Are One Composites bike is handmade in Kamloops based on the company’s dual link suspension platform. The shock is mounted horizontally as opposed to vertically as on their Arrival Enduro frame. The company already manufactures a wide range of carbon fibre rimmed wheelsets and has openly dabbled in cockpit components so will likely use their new Downhill squad to further develop future products.

The Momentum Project will be setting their sights on the opening round of the gravity side of the WHOOP UCI Mountain Bike World Series in Fort William, Scotland 03-05 May. Tickets are on sale now.  

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