Do you have what it takes to race a UCI Enduro World Cup?


Do you have what it takes to race a UCI Enduro World Cup?

4 months ago

Mountain biking is a sport born from competition. Just as soon as cruiser bikes were first shod with knobbly tyres and slung into Californian fire road turns somebody started a clock. Enjoyed by millions all over the world in their leisure time as a way to get outdoors and to spend times with friends and family it remains, for a small few, about pushing themselves to their very limits. 

The WHOOP UCI Mountain Bike World Series is the pinnacle of mountain bike racing and encompasses every format of the sport in its Gravity and Endurance categories.

The UCI Enduro and E-Enduro World Cups are one of the most complete challenges a mountain bike racer can face and feature opportunities to race all over the globe. Making the jump from amateur to professional in any sport is a daunting proposition but with the WHOOP UCI Mountain Bike World Series there is a clear pathway to help athletes live their dreams, full-time via our Enduro and E-Enduro pathways. 

Racing at Elite level gives athletes the chance to put themselves on the big stage and attract the attention of UCI teams and other sponsors to enable them to make the transition to the pro ranks.  

Here are a couple of examples of the 25 rounds across 21 different countries where points can be won in the open racing categories to earn qualification to UCI World Cup level: 

17-19 May 2024 | Enduro of Bielsko-Biala | Bielsko-Biala, POL 

The second round of the UCI Enduro and E-Enduro World Cup will be a historic one with the series travelling to eastern Europe for the first time. The Enduro Trails network is one of the most famous in the country and provides seemingly endless tree-lined possibilities. The Polish mountain bike scene is thriving and many are predicting one of the warmest welcomes of the year.  

31 July - 04 Aug 2024 | American National Championships | Zirconia, NC USA 

Ride Rock Creek Mountain Bike Park has been announced by USA Cycling not just for 2023 but for 2024 as well. The USA is rapidly becoming one of the biggest hot beds of young talent when it comes to mountain bike racing. Both Endurance and Gravity are booming in the States and so the race(s) in Zirconia, NC promise to be amongst the biggest and well-attended on the calendar.  

01 December 2024 | Philippine National Championship | Guimaras Island, Iloilo PHI 

Known locally as the mango capital of the Philippines, Guimaras is an island situated just south of Ilolio. Guimaras Bike Paradise is one of the most complete, challenging and stunning trail networks in the area and has already hosted Cross-country Marathon and Enduro national championships.

The criteria for participation in the UCI Enduro World Cup is detailed in Chapter 1 of the UCI World Cup Rulebook. The rulebook is your indispensable guide to everything that you need to do to compete at the highest level.  

Here’s a link to the UCI Enduro and E-Enduro World Cup Qualifier calendar. Entries for all six rounds of Open Racing (which are all qualifier events) will open soon.    

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