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Florent Payet shows what it takes in The Final Run

1 year ago

When it comes to competing in the UCI Mountain Bike Downhill World Cup, few riders can match the breadth of experience of Florent Payet (Scott DH Factory). The unmissable lofty frame of the rider from the Reunion Islands has been amongst the world’s fastest for nearly two decades.

Sadly, the race in Val di Sole last year was to be Flo’s last top flight Downhill race. Over the course of the year, Payet has climbed as high as third at the UCI Mountain Bike Downhill World Championships at the same track in 2016. He has also been a European Continental Champion and taken multiple Coupe de France VTT wins along the way too. 

Mainly though, Flo is known and respected for an imperiously smooth riding style and technical skills up there with the very best. He was on hand for Scott DH Factory team at the recent Lourdes Pre-season Downhill Testing session in Lourdes so we are hopeful that he’ll still be on hand at the races to lend some wise words to the young racers who may be metaphorically and physically looking up to him. 

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