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Inside the Cape Epic with Nino Schurter


Inside the Cape Epic with Nino Schurter

1 year ago

Featuring eight days of racing and a total distance of over 600 km, and 15,000m of climbing, the Untamed Cape Epic styles itself as the toughest mountain bike stage race in the world. It is approached with respect and trepidation, even by names as big as Nino Schurter. 

The 10 time UCI Cross-country OIympic World Champion was paired up with his Scott SRAM MTB Racing stablemate, Andri Frischknecht for the 2023 running of the race which featured one of the fiercest seven days of racing imaginable. 

For Frischknecht, the son of Cross-country legend Thomas, it was his first time being paired with the rider whom many still view as the GOAT. The race, which began in Somerset West, went down to the final of seven stages finishing in Val de Vie Estate in Paarl and saw the Swiss pairing finish third in the overall. They were behind Georg Egger and Lukas Baum (Orbea X Leatt X Speed Company) who were themselves second to the winners Matthew Beers and Christopher Blevins (Toyota-Specialized-NinetyOne).  Kim le Court and Vera Looser (Efficient Infiniti Insure) won the women’s overall. 

The film tells the story of just how tough the week under the hot South African sun really is and just how it can humble and reward in equal measures.

Fancy a go at some Cross-country Marathon (XCM) racing? There are a limited number of entries left open for the Marathon of Finale Outdoor Region in Italy 02-04 June. The area has hosted high profile enduro and cross-country events for over 20 years, and it’s little wonder, as the region has hundreds of trails with a wide variety of environments and terrains, from the mountains to the sea. 

Find out how you can book your place on the start line, HERE. 


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