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Josh Carlson’s Finale Outdoor Region course preview

1 year ago

When it comes to expert enthusiasm few can match our very own Josh Carlson. The Wollongong native is a guru of all things 'racetrack’ and, over the years, he has amassed more knowledge than most when it comes to the storied trails of the Finale Outdoor Region. 

How could we enhance Josh’s extensive knowledge bank for this week’s UCI Mountain Bike Enduro World Cup course preview? Well, why not further enlisting the help of some reigning overall title holders?! Enter Lapierre Zipp Collective’s Isabeau Courdurier and Canyon CLLCTV’s Jesse Melamed:

The UCI Mountain Bike Enduro and E-Enduro World Cup takes place this weekend in Pietra Ligure, part of the Finale Outdoor Region, Italy. You can follow along with all the action on GCN+ globally, Eurosport and discovery+ plus lots of free content on the UCI Mountain Bike World Series YouTube channel.


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