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Marathon of Finale Outdoor Region entries open


Marathon of Finale Outdoor Region entries open

1 year ago

Finale Outdoor Region has long been synonymous with mountain biking - but be prepared to see it in a whole new light this summer. 

For the first time, the area will host a UCI Cross-country Marathon World Cup, taking place from June 2-4 . The epic 100km course will take in the very best of what the region has to offer; glorious views across the coast, an unparalleled network of world class trails and an experience that transports you from the mountains all the way to the sea.

And it won’t just be the pros that get to enjoy this incredible day in the saddle, with amateur riders offered the chance to hit the exact same course as the World Cup racers in the Marathon of Finale Outdoor Region. 

The single lap course will take in an incredible 3492m of elevation gain, with the route dividing into roughly 45% forest tracks, 33% singletrack and the remaining 22% on tarmac. In fact, that famous Finale singletrack translates into a total of nine descents, which add up to 30 km of trail. 

The course has been carefully chosen to make sure the trails in question can still be ridden in the wet, but with max temperatures hitting 30 degrees celsius in the Italian Riviera in June, it’s a post race dip in the Ligurian sea that’s most likely to provide any moisture. And with the race headquarters based in the mediaeval village of Finalborgo, spectators and supporters will be able to follow the action from any of the traditional restaurants and bars that line the ancient town square. 

The Marathon of Finale Outdoor Region takes place on Sunday, June 4 and entries are now open here


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