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David Campos, Pierre de Froidmont, Anne Tauber and Luca Martin. These are the visible faces of the Orbea Factory Team. They're the ones who stand on the podium, who steal the spotlight at the start line and who work every day to be the best version of themselves when they put on a bib. 

But you're less likely to know Pierre Lebreton, François-Xavier Durand, Andres Garcia or Andrej Vrcon... They are only part of the greater Orbea Factory Team staff.

Each member of the team is a key piece in a machine that only works when all its parts work together and at maximum performance. In addition, the support of the riders' families is fundamental, providing them with indispensable backing. This is the only way to excel in the most competitive MTB environment in the world.

Following the Orbea Factory Team throughout a whole season in the World Cup allows us to discover how a team lives from the inside. The intense preparation that goes into competing to the maximum in the 20 minutes of a Short Track or the 90 minutes of an XCO race. 

Days of preparation at home, long trips and hours and hours of work on each circuit. It allows us to see that behind every athlete there is a person with their ups and downs, and that, despite appearances, MTB is not an individual sport.In this documentary you will see how the new Orbea Oiz returns to the most important podiums in the world and how having a bike as light as the Orbea Alma is still essential to adapt to the fastest circuits on the calendar.

This was the year of the debut of Oquo wheels in the World Cup and the result could not have been better. It has been the validation that, even in the most demanding environments, they are a guarantee of reliability. Along with Hiru kits, Met helmets and 226ERS nutrition, key in the daily life of our bikers, all the brands that surround this project have also shown commitment and involvement in line with the needs of a World Cup team.

You can catch the Orbea Factory Team at the opening round of the UCI Cross-country World Cup in Brazil starting off in Mairiporã 12-14 April.

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