Trek Factory Racing go all-out at the last UCI World Cups of 2023


Trek Factory Racing go all-out at the last UCI World Cups of 2023

3 months ago

The UCI Mountain Bike World Series takes place all over the world and in any and all conditions. Racing is tough, but never tougher than when mountain weather turns nasty. Some riders open their hotel room curtains in the morning and shudder in fear whilst for others it’s just the opportunity that they’ve been waiting for. 

For Jolanda Neff, Evie Richards and the rest of the Trek Factory Racing Cross-country squad the mixed conditions and high altitudes of the final rounds of the 2023 season were just such an opportunity. When the weather gets truly bad that’s when racers with reserves of bike handling skills really shine. 

Jolanda Neff, the reigning Olympic champion, after what was (by her standards) a disappointing season showed signs of rallying with a couple of hard fought podiums, Evie Richards took victory in Snowshoe in the Cross-country short track (XCC) and there were huge plaudits for Riley Amos. The Colorado-based U23 rider shone amidst the murk of Andorra taking his debut Cross-country Olympic win before making it a brace in Canada to secure second in the overall title race. 

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