Commencal IC Studio tackle the final races of the year


Commencal IC Studio tackle the final races of the year

3 months ago

For the big, established teams of the pro pits of the UCI Mountain Bike World Series, travelling to different continents to compete is a well-drilled operation. Packing lists and paperwork combine to result in a seamless relocation from one base to another. For newer teams, such as Commencal IC Studio, logistics may not always be just that smooth but when you have a rider roster studded with some of the most stylish stars on the circuit, things tend to work out as soon as the rubber hits the dirt.

Commencal IC Studio had already had a seriously impressive season. A resurgent Thomas Estaque was finally firing on all cylinders again, Hugo Frixtalon was maintaining his wildman reputation and Matteo Iniguez was impressing everyone with somewhat of a breakthrough streak.

MSA and Snowshoe was two hard races for me with punctures and crash.. but we learn a lot and find good settings for next year with my mechanics! We have the chance to have this group of people with us to work all the year. Now it’s time to work to prepare 2024 season.

Thomas Estaque, Commencal IC Studio

The team will be back to take on the world in 2024, but for the time being enjoy their assault on the final two rounds of the UCI Downhill World Cup in Snowshoe, West Virginia and Mont-Sainte-Anne, Canada.

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