Isabeau Courdurier rips her home trails

3 months ago

The UCI Mountain Bike Enduro World Cup is full of riders from all over the world the top tier of which continue to astound with their respective abilities to cut through alien stages, after only one practice run, within the same second of each other. Being able to score points, no matter the kind of terrain, no matter what the weather is doing, is crucial if you want to win championships. And if winning championships is your preferred metric then the best of the bunch has to be Lapierre Zipp Collective’s Isabeau Courdurier.

To get as good as Isabeau you need some pretty special terrain to train on. We spent a day with her at home in France to check out her local trails and to talk 2023 and that brutally impressive 2022 title win:

The 29 year-old from the south of France took the French national championships earlier this year and is currently sitting second in the overall standings after the opening rounds of the season. 

The UCI Mountain Bike Enduro World Cup resumes this weekend in Pietra Ligure, part of the Finale Outdoor Region, Italy. You can follow along with all the action on GCN+ globally, Eurosport and discovery+ plus lots of free content on the UCI Mountain Bike World Series YouTube channel.

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