04 - 06 October 2024
Cross-Country Olympic
Cross-Country Short Track
Welcome To Mont-Sainte-Anne

Mont-Sainte-Anne is the venue with the longest Mountain Bike World Cup history. Since 1998, the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup has been a must-attend event in Canada, welcoming the cream of the international crop to crown the ultimate Downhill and Cross-country champions.

In October 2024, Mont-Sainte-Anne will host the WHOOP UCI Mountain Bike World Series and celebrate its 32nd year of UCI events. Year after year, it is with the same enthusiasm that the organisers, about five hundred volunteers, numerous trusted partners and tens of thousands of visitors warmly welcome the UCI World Cup athletes and their teams.

The Downhill and Cross-country tracks are amongst mountain bike racing’s most revered monuments and have played host to some of its biggest moments over the years. As bike technology and rider skill levels continue to progress there remain few tests tougher than found in MSA.

More event information coming soon.

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