Finale Outdoor Region
Finale Outdoor Region
02 - 04 June 2023
Cross-Country Marathon
Welcome To Finale Outdoor Region

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The Finale Outdoor Region is rightly considered to be a mountain bike Mecca and one of Europe’s ‘must ride’ destinations. It feels like home, regardless of the bike you ride or riding style you prefer.

The whole area offers so much riding, different tours and routes that can connect the mountainous inland to the coast. The variety of landscapes, terrains and views feels endless and the trails can take all riders through amazing experiences across woods, peaks, ridges and mediaeval towns.

The region boasts an incredible 180 trails, 590kms and 365 days of trail work each year. Events and festivals have been a key component of the region’s growth process since the early ‘90s. 

Once again, in 2023, the region will welcome the world.

Perhaps the most famous enduro race destination of them all, Finale’s Outdoor Region is steeped in enduro amateur racing history. This summer it will add Cross-Country Marathon to its amateur racing portfolio, giving even more riders the chance to race on its hallowed trails in the mountains high above the Ligurian Sea. 

The Finale Outdoor Region needs no introduction. This venue is one of the most famous and loved mountain bike destinations in the world. The area has hosted high profile enduro and cross-country events for over 20 years, and it’s little wonder, as the region has hundreds of trails with a wide variety of environments and terrains, from the mountains to the sea. 

The huge trail network, which goes from Pietra Ligure in the west to Vado Ligure in the east up to Barditeto in the north, dates back centuries and has historical importance due to their continued use to this day. The terrain features everything from steep and rocky paths with sea views to incredible natural single tracks full of flow. 

The UCI Mountain Bike Cross-country Marathon World Cup (XCM) will be held in Finalborgo.

The UCI Mountain Bike Enduro World Cup (EDR & E-EDR) will be held in Pietra Ligure

The Finale Outdoor Region will host two event villages for the two different race events, both with free access for spectators; one in Pietra Ligure and one in Finalborgo, Finale Ligure.

The UCI Enduro World Cup will be based in Pietra Ligure. The expo, start and finish area will be located in Piazza San Nicolò Podio. The team pit area will instead be arranged between the streets of the town centre and along the seafront of Pietra. There are many places in the village where you can eat or relax, while the voice of our special speaker, the Enduro Pope himself, Enrico Guala, keeps company with the story of the race stage after stage.

Check the map of the Pietra event village. On the map you can find the parking lots for the public, to access the paddock area and the village.

The headquarters of the UCI Marathon World Cup will be Porta Testa in Finalborgo. This mediaeval town, among the most beautiful in Italy, will host the team pit area, the expo area and the start and finish area, where it will be possible to cheer the winner right on the finish line.

Music and live commentary of the race will keep the public updated during the race day. Adjacent to the paddock, in the streets of the village, it will be possible to have a cold drink, a gelato, or sit down to eat in one of the many typical Ligurian-flavoured restaurants.

Here is the map of the Finalborgo event village.

For those not racing, but want to go exploring the area, the Finale Outdoor Region area offers over 120 itineraries for all levels and all tastes, from the mountains to the sea.

With the bike shuttle services you can reach the starting points of the best trails in the Finale area, or you can get on your e-bike or rent one in one of the many shops in the area and try out the specially designed trails for pedal assisted bikes.

For spectators who want to go to the courses to cheer the riders, the best and most easily accessible spots to watch the race action will be indicated on a dedicated map.

For those who want to see what this area offers beyond bikes, it is possible to book your outdoor experience in the Finale Outdoor Base near both the Event Villages or at this link.


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